Jewellery Valuations

It’s amazing the quantity of jewellery and watches we purchase over the course of time and the last thing you think about is insurance. 

It is only when you have an issue that it comes to light what you have…or had!

jewellery valuations

The more information the better

For family heirlooms and vintage items, you may have documentation or photographs which can help with the valuation.

If you have the original bill of sale, or any other supporting documentation relating to the original purchase, this all helps to build a better picture.

Detailed evaluation

Our professional valuer will consider all the details of your item.

This means noting the metal, hallmarks, gemstones, weight, size, age and brand if relevant.

This also includes any supporting documentation to authenticate the piece.

Full inspection & condition report

Whilst your jewellery and timepieces are out for valuation, we will also take the opportunity to inspect them for any potential damage.

Any damage can have an impact on the overall value of your item, hence we are happy to offer an estimate to return your piece to it's best possible condition.

Enquire about a Valuation

Our Stores offer an in-house experience where you can sit with our valuer as she values your items or a postal valuation service provided by our independent valuations specialist Catherine Parsons.

Catherine is a Jewellery expert and Valuer with 30 years of professional Jewellery experience and over 20 specialising in the valuation field. 

She has worked across all areas of the industry, including work for Insurance and Legal areas.

Her valuation service is professional, personal and exceeds standards set by the industry.

Complete the form to request a valuation. We’ll then come back to you with details of how to send us your items, or to confirm your appointment in-store!

Why have your jewellery valued?

Insurance companies want to see a valuation of your items to actually confirm what you have.

Of course it’s difficult to prove what jewellery or watch you owned.

Searching through old photos trying to spot what you were wearing, then to find a guide price based on what you paid for the item, and in today’s market prices are increasing rapidly, which could leave you out of pocket.

Professional jewellery valuations

The best way to know exactly what monetary value you have in jewellery and watches is to have a professional valuation carried out by our registered valuer.

Our valuer looks into every item noting the material, stones, size and weight with an additional colour photograph to back up all this information.

We also will inspect your jewellery and watch for any damage, you may have a broken or worn claw which has caused you’re stone or stones to be lost which we can then have our goldsmith look at for you.

Book today, get peace of mind

Book an appointment with our valuer in store to receive a complete in-depth valuation.

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