silver jewelries

Discover the Beauty of Silver Jewellery: Styles, Trends, and Tips

Welcome to the David Christopher Ltd Blog, where we aim to bring the world of jewellery to life. In this series, we will shine the spotlight on silver jewellery, your ultimate guide for discovering the best styles, trends, and tips for maintenance and care. Our shop boasts an impressive collection of high-quality silver jewellery and […]

silver jewelries

Mastering the Art of Gifting Silver Jewellery: Tips and Trends

The act of gifting is a time-honoured tradition that dates back to the earliest human societies as a means to create bonds, celebrate love and express gratitude. In today’s hectic world, finding a gift that speaks from the heart is more important than ever before. Welcome to the latest series on the David Christopher Ltd […]

Marvel superheroes Swarovski

Marvel Superheroes and Swarovski Assemble for Crystal Figurine Transformation.

“I still believe in heroes.” Nick Fury  It’s time for our much loved Marvel superheroes to shine once more with the first collaboration between Marvel and Swarovski as they launch their premier collection of crystal heroes. Featuring the Hulk, Spider-Man, Black Panther and Iron Man in the initial line-up, be transfixed by the attention to […]

Disney 100 Set r

Swarovski Disney 100 – Magic Happens With The Creation of Crystal Figurines For Upcoming 100th Anniversary Collection

Swarovski Disney 100 – something wonderful is about to happen… Celebrate a 100 years of story telling from the Walt Disney Studios with a special collection of stunning Swarovski crystal figurines showcasing their earliest and most loved characters. Launching this autumn, why not open the first page today. Mickey Mouse Looking like they’ve just jumped […]

Citizen CZ Smart Hybrid Watch

Combining The Best Of Both Worlds With The Citizen CZ Smart Hybrid Watch.

The CITIZEN CZ SMART HYBRID watch is ideal for those looking to combine the cool styling of a Citizen timepiece with the tech functionality of a touchscreen smartwatch. Citizen realised that not everyone wants to wear what looks like a mini LCD screen on their wrist. Many watch lovers are keen to retain the beauty […]

Ultimate watch buyers guide header/introduction photo with row of watches in a shop window

The Ultimate Watch Buyers Guide

Table of Contents Choosing the right type of watch Picking out the right new watch can be a tough decision as there are so many different designs and styles to choose from. Our watch buying guide will explain the differences between the most traditional mechanical options to modern versions that depend on the latest technological […]

Opal the October Birthstone

The Opal Birthstone

Birthstones are associated with every month of the year, and Opal, the October birthstone, takes its name from “úpala”, a Sansrkit word that means “valuable stone”. It is an especially beautiful gem that is known sometimes as “the rainbow gemstone” since it occurs in all colours, from white and transparent to orange, pink, red, green, […]

Sapphire Birthstone

The Sapphire Birthstone

The September birthstone is one of the most beautiful and most famous of all gemstones – the Sapphire. Reflecting nobility, loyalty, and wisdom, Sapphire September birthstone jewellery is an ideal choice for anyone who is celebrating their birthday during this month thanks to its gorgeous colours and luxurious reputation. Although the blue variant of Sapphire […]

Ruby Birthstone

The Ruby Birthstone

Rubies are one of the best-known gemstones, famous for their stunning fiery appearance, and they are also the July birthstone. Pinkish-red or bright red in hue, Rubies form from corundum, a mineral. In fact, only red corundum is called “Ruby”, all other colours of corundum are known as “Sapphire”. Interestingly, ancient Oriental people believed that […]

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It’s a love thing with rubies

As the heart warming birthstone for July, everyone loves receiving a ruby. From being mentioned in love songs and sonnets, the ‘ruby’ moments of life are seen as precious like the gemstone itself. Described as the ‘heart’ of mother earth, its deep red hues are often compared to the ruby red lips of a lover […]

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