How To Find Your Partner's Ring

How To Find Your Partner’s Ring Size (Without Them Knowing)

Whether it’s for a wedding proposal, birthday gift, or anniversary – sooner or later, you’ll have to figure out what your partner’s ring size is. 

And if you want it to be a surprise, you can’t just ask them directly

So, in this guide, we’re going to cover a few of the very best ways to figure out what your partner’s ring size is without ruining what we’re confident is going to be a great surprise: 

  1. Measure it while your partner is sleeping
  2. Use some other ring
  3. Check your partner’s previous order online
  4. Get a hint from the accessories
  5. Use a decoy
  6. Consult with a friend
  7. What if I order the wrong size ring?
  8. What if I can’t figure out the ring size?

Measure It While Your Partner Is Sleeping

Sometimes, in order to accomplish your goals, you have to be a bit sneaky! 

In this scenario, besides being sneaky, you’ll need to have some serious stealth skills and a little bit of patience…

Once your partner falls asleep, get their finger and measure the circumference of it.

We recommend waiting for them to be fully asleep (i.e an hour or two after they fall asleep). As opposed to immediately after they fall asleep because in this state it’s more than likely to still be very easy to wake them up. 

And no sudden moves!

Use Measuring Tape

Yes, all you need to have here is a simple measuring tape!

Practice on yourself first – take the finger and on the point where the ring will be, wrap the measuring tape around.

The number you get from it you can use in our ring size chart and figure out what’s the actual ring size. This is without a doubt the best method since it will be the most precise and up-to-date measurement so that the engagement ring or wedding ring you surprise your special someone with is definitely going to be the right size…

Use Any Piece of Paper or a Thread & A Ruler

In case you don’t have a measuring tape, don’t worry about it. You can use any regular piece of paper or a thread along with a ruler.

The process is pretty much the same, as you have to be equally cautious. 

Take a thin piece of paper or a thread and wrap it around his/her finger. Don’t apply too much pressure on it as every millimetre counts – wrap it just so every piece of paper or a thread is touching the skin lightly.

Once complete, straighten the paper or a thread and measure the length with the ruler. The number you got is the circumference of your partner’s ring and again, you can use our chart to figure out the ring size!

Use Some Other Ring

If your partner has another ring that they aren’t constantly wearing, that would be another ideal way to determine your partner’s ring size. 

Just make sure that they still wear that ring, as you don’t want to find some old ring your partner doesn’t wear anymore because it doesn’t fit them well anymore…

Get it to David Christopher Jewellers

Get it to your closest store – David Christopher jewellers are definitely willing to help you out!

This is the best option if you have your partner’s ring and if you’re not comfortable measuring and determining the ring size by yourself, and definitely, if you also want to get some direct advice on the purchase you’ll be making once you know your partner’s ring size. 

Our friendly staff at David Christopher Jewellers will most certainly be able to figure out the ring size and let you know but bear in mind that you should ask for a circumference number and diameter number

As not all ring manufacturers have the same charts for ring sizes. Meaning, size N might not be the same ring size of all manufacturers – and knowing the circumference and diameter will be the same for every ring manufacturer and mean that you can easily make a purchase online as well.

Use Measuring Tape

If you’re not local to any of our stores or you’d rather avoid the journey, you can alternatively use measuring tape but this might not be the most accurate method as measuring tape works best when measuring finger directly.

Place the ring on a solid surface and put the measuring tape on the edges of the ring to determine the circumference. 

If the ring is pretty thick make sure to get the tape closer to the inner edges of the ring where the finger goes.

With a little bit of precision and patience, you should be able to get the measurement which you’d also be able to use in ring sizing charts.

And make sure to save the measuring tape – we’re certain you’ll need it again at some point!

Use Our PDF Ring Size Guide

In the event that there’s no jeweller anywhere near you and using measuring tape doesn’t work for you – we have a solution that will work 100%.

You can check out David Christopher PDF Ring Size Guide here.

Using it couldn’t be easier, simply:

  1. Print the PDF
  2. Place the ring over the templates 
  3. Make sure the template fits the inside edge of your ring

It will take you few seconds to figure out exactly what’s your partner’s ring size!

Bear in mind that If your ring size falls between two of the sizes shown, we recommend choosing the larger size

Check Your Partner’s Previous Orders Online

Time to do some investigating (with the best of intentions)!

Under normal circumstances, snooping around your partner’s browser history could be cause for concern, but in this scenario, you’re doing it with the best intentions. 

If you know that your partner recently ordered a ring in our David Christopher shop or some other online shop – their purchase history would be a great place to check the size of the ring that they ordered. That way, you’ll know exactly what ring size your partner has all without having to go through the hassle of trying to get the ring from her or make measurements of any kind.

Use A Decoy For The Surprise

A good way to figure out the ring size of your partner is to actually use a dummy ring.

Many couples actually prefer this as it means that the surprise of the actual engagement (proposal) is kept a complete secret and that they get to go through the process of choosing a ring together. So this method simply involves, creating a romantic and entertaining moment that you’ll both remember sharing together & worry about ring sizes later… 

Speaking of being romantic and goofy, if you’re someplace outdoors, regardless of the occasion you can always make your partner ring out of daisies and dandelions!

Consult With A Friend

Consulting with your partner’s friend is always a smart move but you have to make sure that person is someone you can trust. Otherwise, they may also end up ruining the surprise and behaving in a way that makes it obvious to your partner that you’re up to something.

In any case, if you choose to go the route of consulting with a friend, here are the very best ways you can work with you & your partner’s friends to find out their ring size:

Tell a friend to ask your partner directly

The chances that your partner is going to figure out that you guys are on to something are still existent but they can be reduced with a good story!

  • Tell a friend to tell a story to your partner on how he/she wanted to order a ring for himself/herself but couldn’t figure out the size. That can be a great opportunity to squeeze in the questions about your partner’s ring size.
  • Or in another scenario, tell a friend to start a conversation about the rings in general where he/she will be able to get in that “by the way” question.

Either way, it shouldn’t be too complicated for them to create a scenario that allows them to ask safely without your partner figuring out what’s going on.

Tell a friend to ask to borrow one of your partner’s rings for a special occasion

This is a great way to “steal” your partner’s ring if you’re unable to do it yourself!

A really close friend will always help, so your friend asking your partner to borrow their ring with a strong promise of returning it back shouldn’t be a problem.

Once you get the ring, you can figure out the ring size by using a pen and paper or measuring tape – as well as using David Christopher ring size chart.

What If I Order A Ring That’s The Wrong Size?

A ring that doesn’t fit can be fixed by visiting the shop where you bought the ring or consulting with their salesperson. If the ring is too big they should be able to reduce it and if it’s too small, they can broaden it. 

And, if you order from us online, you can always take advantage of our return policy. Because even with the methods above, there’s always a small chance that you didn’t get the perfect size, and let’s also not forget that sizes can change. 

What If I Can’t Figure Out The Ring Size? 

You should be able to figure out your partner’s ring size with one of the methods we outlined in this post, but if you simply don’t have the patience – the next best thing may be to just ask your partner directly in casual conversation. 

Spark a conversation about what type of rings they like. While this may ruin the element of surprise to some degree, your partner may see it coming but they still won’t know how, when or where you intend on surprising them with a ring.

Wrapping Up – Discover David Christopher Rings

Determining your partner’s ring size without them knowing actually isn’t a walk in the park. There are numerous ways you can do this – consulting your partner’s friend, measuring it yourself while your partner is sleeping or simply stealing your partner’s ring for a day. 

With a little bit of luck and patience, you will figure it out… 

Fortunately, you can use David Christopher ring size chart which we’re certain will come in handy. Also, bear in mind that it’s completely fine if you’re not 100% accurate and order the wrong ring size. This can be fixed or in the case of an online order, easily exchanged! We hope these ideas help & lead to an extremely memorable surprise – all the best!