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Fall In Love With Rubies This Summer


From royalty to Hollywood, everyone loves receiving a ruby and it’s not hard to see why. Described as the ‘heart’ of mother earth, rubies with their deep red hues are often given as romantic gifts. From Elizabeth Taylor’s famous ruby jewellery collection to Katy Perry’s engagement ring, our love affair with rubies continues. As the birthstone for July, it’s the perfect time to choose this stunning gemstone for someone special.

Ruby Origins

An ancient and valuable gemstone, rubies are formed from the mineral corundum and are created under extreme heat and pressure beneath the earth’s surface. The outcome means that these temptingly beautiful gemstones are exceptionally hard, second only to diamonds, making ruby jewellery ideal for wearing for many occasions.

Rubies have been mined in Asian and East African regions, although some deposits are found in Australia and as far away as Greenland. Countries such as Mozambique are gaining respect for the quality of their rubies and are becoming one of the largest suppliers of rubies in the world. Mining company, Gemfields is working the Montepuez mine which produces some of the oldest rubies in the world, as well as owning the iconic jewellery brand, Fabergé.

However, the source of the finest rubies is still regarded as coming from Burma, now known as Myanmar. For over 800 years the Mogok Stone Tract Mine has produced some of the most beautiful rubies in the world.

Ruby Colours

Rubies can vary in various shades of red, from pinkish to deep red hues, however the most valued are ‘pigeon blood stones’ which are a rich red colour. The Burmese Ruby is valued for its durability and rich red colour with a slight blue tint.

The geology of the stone formation affects the ultimate colour of the ruby, with darker rubies having a higher iron content.

Whatever their country of origin, a large number of rubies pass through Thailand to be cut and treated. The country has been a major source of trade in rubies since the 15th century, so should know a thing or two about these lovely gemstones.


An ancient gemstone, the ruby is the birthstone for July babies. Its rich red hues are associated with passion, wealth and protection. Known as the ‘king of gemstones’, rubies were widely worn by royalty and the upper classes in the belief they would increase wealth and success in love.

A protective stone, its red colour is often associated with the blood flow of life itself. Containing an inner glow, rubies were worn as talismans on the left side, close to the heart, by soldiers in warfare, who believed the magical stone would protect them from danger. Even Dorothy was given the gift of ruby slippers to protect her from the Wicked Witch of the East in the magical ‘Wizard of Oz’ Hollywood movie.

Rubies are also believed to help awaken a passion for life and keep you moving in a forward direction, so there’s a lot to love about this precious stone.

Being the symbol of good fortune, love and loyalty, the ruby gemstone has been widely used in the creation of engagement rings as well as earrings and pendants.

How will you wear yours?

The good news about this lovely gemstone is that it is very resistant to scratching and can be paired beautifully with diamonds of all shapes and sizes. From diamond and ruby flower rings to gold pendants with rubies, David Christopher has something to suit all tastes and budgets.

Whether you are looking to pair with classic yellow gold or stylish white gold, there is something for everyone. The rich red warm ruby tones will beautifully contrast with the natural white colour of platinum or silver for a stunning contemporary look as well as looking romantic with rose gold. Did we mention that pearl jewellery also looks gorgeous next to this magical red gemstone?

Earrings are also a popular choice for gifting someone special. Whether its white gold, ruby and diamond halo drop earrings or stud earrings, there is ruby to suit every style.

From gemstone rings to birthstone jewellery, why not browse today and get ready to fall in love with rubies! We can’t promise you ruby slippers, but we offer a bespoke jewellery service which our team would be happy to advise on.

Spread a little love with a ruby gift from David Christopher.


Photo courtesy of Racool Studio on Freepik