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Jewellery Time to shine with May Birthstone

Time to shine with May Birthstone Jewellery

Get happy with a piece of jewellery featuring glorious Emerald, birthstone for May.

There’s always something special about receiving birthstone jewellery. We tend to have an affinity with the birthstone that pairs with the month we were born. We believe in its magical symbolism. Whether worn as a ring, necklace or earrings, it always makes us feel that something wonderful is about to happen and Emerald, birthstone of those born in May, is no exception.

Emerald Birthstone Origins

For over 5000 years, emeralds have been loved for their green beauty and held in great esteem by many civilisations. From the Aztec and Incan civilizations of the New World to Cleopatra’s palace in Ancient Egypt, everyone loves an Emerald.

The Muisica people of Colombia believed that an emerald was an ancient ancestor to their tribe. It’s not surprizing that Colombia produces around two thirds of the world’s emeralds. Their intense green colour and clarity make them very sought after.

Emeralds are also sourced in Brazil, Zambia, Ethiopia and Madagascar, whilst Russia is rejuvenating its interest in emerald deposits at Malysheva.

They’re the most valuable member of the beryl mineral family. Rarer than a diamond, these green gemstones are precious indeed.

Emerald colours

Colour of nature, emeralds have a distinctive green colour that ranges from bluish green to a slight yellowish green. Now for the science bit. Its colour is caused by trace elements of chromium, vanadium and iron which get locked into its hexagonal crystal structure as it grows.

The colour of the emerald then varies according to the mix. Usually, the higher the amount of chromium or vanadium, the more intense the green colour, whilst the trace element iron, creates a blue tinge.

Inclusions are accepted in an emerald – they are caused by bits of material being trapped in the stone during its formation and give emeralds their mossy green look. Often referred to as emerald jardin, which is French for garden, they give each emerald its unique look. They will pair well with most metals including gold and silver.

Typically, the deeper the green, the higher the value on the market, with experts looking at hue, tone and saturation. However, this is your special day. Wear what shade you are drawn to. After all it’s your lucky emerald. Emeralds also make stunning engagement rings.

Emerald Symbolism

Seen as a symbol of rebirth throughout history, Pharaohs were buried with emeralds as a sign of eternal life. Gemstone of royalty, Cleopatra adored her emerald jewellery.

Colour of nature, emeralds are seen as a symbol of fertility, good fortune and foresight. They say, if you have a May birthday, wear your birthstone for good health.

Gemstone of Venus, emeralds are said to open your heart and mind to new possibilities, attracting good vibes only. You will always feel good about wearing your birthstone jewellery.

Magical Emerald Jewellery

Whatever the cut, whether classic emerald, oval or pear shaped, it’s a lovely feeling when wearing your birthstone emerald jewellery. These beautiful gemstones can be worn in rings, necklaces , earrings and bracelets. You can mix and match to suit your look and occasion. Each one is unique to you and have their own story to share.

Lighter in weight than a ruby or sapphire, they will become part of you. Treat with care and they will reward you with a lifetime of gorgeousness.

Happy birthday!

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Happy dreaming!

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